states of mind

Find out when the given part of the city will come to life, becoming an artwork in the gigantic open-air gallery. Plan your trip through the futurist space of Kinomural.

moving murals 

in the district of przedmieście odrzańskie september 23, 2023

As soon as on Saturday, 23th of September, we will once again transform Wroclaw into a city of moving murals. During the 5th edition of Kinomural, a unique event combining cinema with the urban tissue, several dozen of artists from all around the world will present their works in 6 locations in the historic Przedmieście Odrzańskie district. Tenement side walls will be transformed into enormous canvases for ephemeral projections in various forms – from video art through experimental films, all sorts of animations, and audiovisual installations.

“This edition’s leading theme are altered states of consciousness. Kinomural walls will host artistic interpretations of the mysterious areas of the human perception of reality. Each year we strive to create an audio-visual journey that blurs the confines between what is here and now, and what is imagined. The formula of presenting film works in the gigantic scale offered by 200-300 sq m screen surfaces allows the artists to create a stronger and deeper impact of the images, color and sound on the audience. For this one September night we wish to transform the walls of Wroclaw’s buildings into portals leading to other, more abstract dimensions of the mind”.

– Bartek Bartos
director of Kinomural

imaginary worlds

Kinomural is a hybrid of One Thousand and One Nights with an open venue of the gigantic gallery made up by city yards and neighboring streets, closed for the time of the festival. […]

The artists we have invited to this year’s edition of this exhibition render altered states of consciousness in their works. These are various, as they lead one through a different path each time. There is a rate-of-passage journey of a protagonist, there is dreaming, there are out-of-body experiences, and other instances of moving beyond the borders of the mind. There are sensations where we perceive temperature or gravity differently. In the moving shapes displayed on the side walls of buildings, one can discern familiar forms or choose to let go of all associations to delve into the rhythm and pulse of abstraction. Everyone will give a different name to that they see. Everyone will decide how far they want to allow their imagination to roam.

We will present imagined worlds that possess an extraordinarily hypnotic force. The immersion which is palpable thanks to projecting the works on huge empty surfaces makes the surroundings cease to exist for a moment – the walls’ gravity curves spacetime and we are drawn into them, sometimes smashed into pieces, at other times ‒ thrilled. The transe-like atmosphere of this year’s Kinomural allows one to open up to altered states of consciousness, without the need for any substances. All it takes, are videos on the walls. Let yourself get carried away.

admission is free

this is worth knowing!

On September 23, the screenings will be held from 19:30 to 22:00. Locations and access to the walls are marked on electronic (tab: LOCATIONS) and printed maps.

The program and schedule of the projection divided into sets can be found on our website (tab: PROGRAM) and in printed leaflets-maps, which will be available at selected points, about which we will inform you soon.

In order to ensure the utmost safety and comfort of experiencing the Kinomural, we will partially close on September 23 between 19:00-22:15

We recommend arriving at the Kinomural by using MPK Wrocław or by bicycle and on foot. Parking by car near the projection walls may be difficult.

Participation in the Kinomural is free of charge. Bring your friends or family and spend this magical evening with us!

As every year, we look forward to your reports on Facebook @Kinomural and Instagram @kinomurale. Tag us!