fables for robots

Find out when the given part of the city will come to life, becoming an artwork in the gigantic open-air gallery. Plan your trip through the futurist space of Kinomural.

moving murals 

in the district of przedmieście odrzańskie september 21, 22 2024

Kinomural is back in September, but this time it is going to run for two nights! This is in response to the growing interest in the event and new media art worldwide.  Visitors to Przedmieście Odrzańskie can expect to see up to six large-scale projection walls, including one curated by AI and one by New York-based artist Peter Burr. This year’s special guest is Kidmograph, who regularly works with top names such as The Strokes, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd.

Fantasy has been an idée fixe of Kinomural since its inception. In our editions, we always try to explore issues related to futuristic visions, notions of the future and technological innovations. This year’s edition, called ‘Fables for Robots’, continues this tradition by focusing on a poetic approach to artificial intelligence – mankind’s greatest hope and most terrifying threat,” explains Bartek Bartos, Kinomural’s director


admission is free

awards and prizes

Thanks to the patronage of OKRE Development, three equivalent prizes in the amount of 3000 PLN each will be awarded among the artists from the OPEN CALL. Three further awards in the same amount – the Prize of the Mayor of Wroclaw – will go to artists in the main section. The jury’s verdict will be announced on September 23.

Kinomural takes place thanks to the support of the Municipality of Wroclaw.
The highest quality of projections on tenement walls is ensured by EPSON – the event’s technological partner.