Courtyards, blocks of flats, tenements and their empty side walls – on this day the buildings of Wroclaw will become enormous screens for renowned artists from all around the world. They will host moving murals, ephemeral projections in various forms – from video art through sound performance and experimental films, to audiovisual installations that use 3D technology. Kinomural 2023 will take place on the 23rd of September, with the leading theme altered states of consciousness

the art of night visions

Hallucinations both captivating and disturbing, mesmerizing animated collages, impressionist visualizations of the various dimensions of human consciousness, poetic and plastic forms, seeking relations between human and artificial consciousnesses, fictional journeys and alternative realities – this is the spectrum of the visual feast we can expect to find at Kinomural. This year we have invited leading figures of the new media art, including: Ryan D. Anderson, Jon Noordlander, Rubenfro (Ruben Frosali), Steven Baltay, Cody Samson, Jamie Wolfe, and Sholim.