in the space
of their imagination

We are pleased to introduce you to the milieu of creators whose audio-visual works will be displayed on the walls of Kinomural this year. 

aAron Munson (CA)
aAron Munson
Aleksandra Bazan (PL)
Aleksandra Bazan
Aleksandra Woźniak (PL)
Aleksandra Woźniak
Alex Halka ()
Alex Halka
Alexander Dupuis ()
Alexander Dupuis
Alicja Wojtaszek (PL)
Alicja Wojtaszek
Amanda Bonaiuto (US)
Amanda Bonaiuto
Amy Lockhart (CA)
Amy Lockhart
Andrey Kasay (DE)
Andrey Kasay
Andy Cahill (US)
Andy Cahill
Animation Film Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław ()
Animation Film Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław
Anna Brzyk (PL)
Anna Brzyk
Barry Doupé (CA)
Barry Doupé
Blatant Space ()
Blatant Space
Çağıl Harmandar (TR)
Çağıl Harmandar
Cody Samson (US)
Cody Samson
Cole Kush (CA)
Cole Kush
Derrick Schultz ()
Derrick Schultz
Dimitri Thouzery & Le Boucan
Edgar Bąk ()
Edgar Bąk
Ekaterina Shramko (RU)
Ekaterina Shramko
Guli Silberstein (UK)
Guli Silberstein
Ivan Janković ()
Ivan Janković
Jamie Wolfe (US)
Jamie Wolfe
Jeremy Couillard (US)
Jeremy Couillard
Jon Noorlander (SE)
Jon Noorlander
Jules Guérin (FR)
Jules Guérin
Julia Goźdź-Roszkowska (PL)
Julia Goźdź-Roszkowska
Julita Mośko (PL)
Julita Mośko
Kevin Eskew (US)
Kevin Eskew
Lifan Hu ()
Lifan Hu
Lightness ()
Maciej Bryś (PL)
Maciej Bryś
Maja Kaczmarzyk (PL)
Maja Kaczmarzyk
Maja Olczak (PL)
Maja Olczak
Marcelina Żurek ()
Marcelina Żurek
Margo Nowicka ()
Margo Nowicka
Maria Nolepa (PL)
Maria Nolepa
Massimo Vendola (US)
Massimo Vendola
Michał Bednarski (PL)
Michał Bednarski
Michał Szota ()
Michał Szota
Mikołaj Otwinowski (PL)
Mikołaj Otwinowski
Milena Pikul ()
Milena Pikul
Mrinal ()
Nick Flaherty (US)
Nick Flaherty
Ofir K. & Flower Child Slumber Party ()
Ofir K. & Flower Child Slumber Party
Oksana Popiela (PL)
Oksana Popiela
Olga Wrona (PL)
Olga Wrona
Oskar Francuz (PL)
Oskar Francuz
Piotr Sołtys (PL)
Piotr Sołtys
Piotr Tokarz (PL)
Piotr Tokarz
Rachel Gutgarts (IL)
Rachel Gutgarts
radzikows ()
Robert Seidel ()
Robert Seidel
RubenFro ()
RubenFro & Tim Maxwell (born IT/ based JP & US)
RubenFro & Tim Maxwell
Ruffmercy (UK)
Ryan D. Anderson (CA)
Ryan D. Anderson
Sabrina Ratté (CA)
Sabrina Ratté
Sefa “Minelauvart” Kocakalay (TR)
Sefa “Minelauvart” Kocakalay
Shi-Rou Huang ()
Shi-Rou Huang
Sholim (XS)
Steven Baltay (USA)
Steven Baltay
Tim Maxwell (USA)
Tim Maxwell
TS/CN ()
Tsz-wing HO ()
Tsz-wing HO
xyckshyt ()
Zuzanna Fluder ()
Zuzanna Fluder