A 3-rd year student of experimental film at the Academy of Art in Szczecin. She works mainly with animation and focuses mostly on editing when it comes to film. A creative experimenter, searching for new means of narration. Her works combine stop-motion animation, film, and VR techniques. They have been presented at Berlin festivals, including 17 Polnishes Filmfestival and Zebra Poetry Filmfestival. She took part in the False Flag exhibition in the city of Gliwice. Her film “Strych” (“The Attic”) was shown at the Szczecin Film Festival and at the Nektar z Innej Planety in Poznan. She collaborated with the Contemporary Theatre in Szczecin, creating animations to promote its performances: „Piknik pod wiszącą skałą”, „Edukacja seksualna”, and „Król Potworów”.