RubenFro (Ruben Frosali) is a visual effects artist and director based in Tokyo. He specializes in volumetric captures, point clouds, and dynamic environments, with over 16 years of experience. In 2018, he focused on immersive content, creating art installations like “Dissolving Realities Shibuya Takeover” shown in Japan, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

RubenFro has directed and animated VFX for music videos like “Green Juice – ASAP Ferg ft Pharrel Williams,” commercials, and award-winning video art, including “Dissolving Realities” and “DAT.” In May 2022, he joined JADU AR as Head of Cinematics, where he worked with Michael Bay on the JADU AVAs trailer and designed dynamic environments for the AVA collection.

RubenFro has also given lectures on point cloud rendering and immersive media at Wellington Victoria University and the University of Auckland. Passionate about traveling, photography, and music composition, RubenFro’s creativity knows no bounds.