Ofir K. is a contemporary artist based in Israel, who her works have been exhibited in NYC [2021] and Spain, Bilbao [2022], and she’s working with musicians around the globe as digital visual creator. She explores the mind and the consciousness through video animations with repeating geometric shapes that create unique journeys with multiple transformations and transitions.

Flower Child Slumber Party is a multi-line up, collaborative psychedelic rock/pop act arranged by Miami-based musician and songwriter, Philip Bourgi. Incorporating elements of classic psychedelia, cascades of overlapping synthesizers & guitars, ethereal vocal melodies & textures, and modern production techniques, FCSP gives listeners a unique perspective on the genre. As the song curator, his contribution to the sound is unmistakably marked by synth and rhythm driven walls of emotion, expanse, color, chaos, and euphoria interwoven. Rounded out bass and drum grooves with retro-colored tonalities that ground the rest of the track from flying off into space.